Haku "diversification strategies"

Li, Dewei - Predictive Control: Fundamentals and Developments, e-kirja

Predictive Control: Fundamentals and Developments

Li, Dewei


Readers will then progress to more advanced topics such as nonlinear MPC and its related algorithms, the diversification development of MPC with respect to control structures and optimization strategies, and robust MPC. Finally,

Schulz, Detlef - NEIS Conference 2016, e-kirja

NEIS Conference 2016

Schulz, Detlef


Connected Charging Services for Electric Vehicles: A Stakeholder Analysis for Identifying Smart Charging Strategies in Distributed Energy Systems
J. Glück, L. S. Brandt, T. Weyh
14. The Standby Power of Low Power Equipment Must Be Reduced under 100 Milliwatt

Du, Wenjiang - Informatics and Management Science IV, e-kirja

Informatics and Management Science IV

Du, Wenjiang


Research on Internet Marketing Methods and Strategies of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in China
Jing Yuan
72. Research on Continuable Construction of Urban Wetland Park Development
Xiao-Bo Li
73. Study on Economic Evaluation of Oil and Gas Exploration

Castillo, Luis F. - Advances in Computational Biology, e-kirja

Advances in Computational Biology

Castillo, Luis F.


A Combined Sensitivity and Metabolic Flux Analysis Unravel the Importance of Amino Acid Feeding Strategies in Clavulanic Acid Biosynthesis
Claudia Sánchez, Natalia Gómez, Juan Carlos Quintero, Silvia Ochoa, Rigoberto Rios
26. Flux Balance Analysis and Strain

Abraham, Ajith - Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, e-kirja

Intelligent Systems Design and Applications

Abraham, Ajith


Table of contents
1. An Innovative Approach to Manage Heterogeneous Information Using Relational Database Systems
Cosmin Sabo, Petrică C. Pop, Honoriu Vălean, Daniela Dănciulescu
2. Reliable Attribute Selection Based on Random Forest (RASER)
Aboudi Noura, Hechmi Shili, Lotfi Ben Romdhane
3. Estimating the