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Fukuda, Shuichi - Emotional Engineering, Vol.5, e-kirja

Emotional Engineering, Vol.5

Fukuda, Shuichi


Table of contents
1. Experience Engineering: Age of Process Values
Shuichi Fukuda
2. Machine Team Management
Shuichi Fukuda
3. From Inside Out to Outside In: Needs for Holistic Sensing and Comprehensive Engineering
Shuichi Fukuda
4. Cognitive Mechanism in Selecting New Products: A Cognitive Neuroscience

Hara, Tatsunori - Serviceology for Designing the Future, e-kirja

Serviceology for Designing the Future

Hara, Tatsunori


Design Method of Target Customer’s WANTs for a Service Based on Classification of Services Using WANTs
Kazuto Imazeki, Toshiyuki Yasui, Takashi Maeno
38. Business Model Generation Canvas as a Method to Develop Customer-Oriented

Pedersen, Torben - The Offshoring Challenge, e-kirja

The Offshoring Challenge

Pedersen, Torben


Entrepreneurial Globalization: Lessons From the Offshoring Experiences of European Firms
U. Srinivasa Rangan, Peter Schumacher
4. Tracking Offshoring and Outsourcing Strategies in Global Supply Chains
Timo Seppälä
Part III. Organizational and Process

Cellary, Wojciech - Advances in The Human Side of Service Engineering, e-kirja

Advances in The Human Side of Service Engineering

Cellary, Wojciech


Gamified Self-service Checkouts: The Influence of Computer-Related Causal Attributions on User Experience and Motivation
Adelka Niels, Christian Zagel
4. Defining Recrutainment: A Model and a Survey on the Gamification of Recruiting and Human Resources

Kwan, Stephen - Serviceology for Smart Service System, e-kirja

Serviceology for Smart Service System

Kwan, Stephen


A Method for Supporting Customer Model Construction: Using a Topic Model for Public Service Design
Satoshi Mizoguchi, Takatoshi Ishii, Yutaro Nemoto, Maiko Kaneda, Atsuko Bando, Toshiyuki Nakamura, Yoshiki Shimomura
4. A Proposal of the Emotion Hierarchy Diagram

Windt, Katja - Robust Manufacturing Control, e-kirja

Robust Manufacturing Control

Windt, Katja


Potentials of Nonlinear Dynamics Methods to Predict Customer Demands in Production Networks
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Mirko Kück
4. The Structure of the Value Creation Network for the Production of Electric Vehicles
Richard Colmorn, Michael Hülsmann, Alexandra

Dornfeld, David A. - Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable World, e-kirja

Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable World

Dornfeld, David A.


Stimulating Students to Experience Sustainable Engineering: The CQS Group T Racing Team
Nicolas Dekeyser, Sietze Swolfs, Geert Waeyenbergh, Wim Dewulf
19. Reducing Energy Demands of Printing Machines by Energy Reuse Options and Optimization
Reimund Neugebauer,

Vinarcik, Edward J. - High Integrity Die Casting Processes, e-kirja

High Integrity Die Casting Processes

Vinarcik, Edward J.


"It's about time that a practicing engineer with casting and academic experience has written a book that provides answers to questions about squeeze casting and semi-solid molding/forming that many engineers and students of casting need answered."
—Joseph C. Benedyk, PhD, Consultant