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Hastings, Nicholas A. J. - Physical Asset Management, e-kirja

Physical Asset Management

Hastings, Nicholas A. J.


Discounted Cash Flow and Asset Decisions
10. Profit, Depreciation and Tax
11. Asset Investment Criteria
12. Cost-Benefit Analysis
13. Risk Analysis and Risk Management
14. Logistic Support
15. Life Cycle Costing
16. Equipment Replacement Decisions

Ross, Andrew - Financial Management in Construction Contracting, e-kirja

Financial Management in Construction Contracting

Ross, Andrew


CVR is covered in depth and the authors consider issues such as interim payments, subcontract accounts, contractual claims, final accounts, cash flow management and the reporting of the physical and financial progress of contracts. 

Zhu, Min - Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management, e-kirja

Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management

Zhu, Min


Health Economics and Management Framework Based on Chongqing Regional Health Information Platform
Ping Cheng
2. The Strategic Thinking of the Economic Transition in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits China
Pengyi Zhu
3. System

Cooke, Brian - Construction Planning, Programming and Control, e-kirja

Construction Planning, Programming and Control

Cooke, Brian


The control of time, money and resources are considered in a risk management context and a complete chapter is devoted to cash flow.

The third edition has been extensively updated and extended to include new materials on: Hazard identification Risk assessment

Hill, Richard - Engineering Money: Financial Fundamentals for Engineers, e-kirja

Engineering Money: Financial Fundamentals for Engineers

Hill, Richard


There are text books on accounting methods and yet others on business management. This book does not aim to replace these specialized texts but brings together the elements of these subjects that young engineers working in industry – particularly the construction

Antipova, Tatiana - Information Technology Science, e-kirja

Information Technology Science

Antipova, Tatiana


The Concept of Management Accounting Based on the Information Technologies Application
Nadezhda Rozhkova, Uliana Blinova, Darya Rozhkova
9. Management of Financial Bubbles as Control Technology of Digital Economy
Gennady Ross, Vladimir Liechtenstein