Haku "Multimedia Information Systems"

Choroś, Kazimierz - Multimedia and Network Information Systems, e-kirja

Multimedia and Network Information Systems

Choroś, Kazimierz


Multiple Information Communication in Voice-Based Interaction
Muhammad Abu Fazal, M. Shuaib Karim
10. Separability Assessment of Selected Types of Vehicle-Associated Noise
Adam Kurowski, Karolina Marciniuk, Bożena Kostek
11. Popular Brain Computer

Divakaran, Ajay - Multimedia Content Analysis, e-kirja

Multimedia Content Analysis

Divakaran, Ajay


Extracting Semantics from Multimedia Content: Challenges and Solutions
Lexing Xie, Rong Yan
4. Broadcast Video Content Segmentation by Supervised Learning
Kevin W. Wilson, Ajay Divakaran
5. Audio Content Discovery: An Unsupervised Approach

Chen, Shu-Ching - Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, e-kirja

Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering

Chen, Shu-Ching


A Study on the Serious Issues in the Practice of Information Security in IT: With a Focus on Ransomware
Junhak Lee, Jae-Woong Jeong
7. Mobile App for Analyzing Environmental Visual Parameters with Life Logging Camera
Hyeonsang Hwang, Daejune Ko, Mincheol