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Wallace, Catherine - Literacy and the Bilingual Learner, e-kirja

Literacy and the Bilingual Learner

Wallace, Catherine


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Setting the Scene
Catherine Wallace
2. Texts and Practices: Sociolinguistic and Political Perspectives
Catherine Wallace
3. Literacy Instruction and the Bilingual Learner
Catherine Wallace

Wang, Yuanzhi - Education and Educational Technology, e-kirja

Education and Educational Technology

Wang, Yuanzhi


The Instructional Material Blended with Needham 5 Phases Strategy in Teaching Visual Art Education
Syamsul Nor Azlan Mohamad
3. A Few Thoughts about Preparing Lessons Effectively in the Holding a Post Education
Zhi-li Zhang, Qi-yuan Zhong, Li-long Tan

Zhang, Liangchi - Engineering Education and Management, e-kirja

Engineering Education and Management

Zhang, Liangchi


The CDIO Teaching Practice of Mechanism Analysis and Design
Jiang Fan, Zhang Chunliang, Wang Yijun
15. The Creation and Connotation of Seven Equations in “A+T·CDIO” Engineering Teaching Reform
Liu Chaoying
16. The Study on Constructing the