Haku "History of Mathematical Sciences"

Oliveira, Agamenon R. E. - A History of the Work Concept, e-kirja

A History of the Work Concept

Oliveira, Agamenon R. E.


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Framework
Agamenon R. E. Oliveira
Part I. The Conceptual Genesis
2. The Conceptual Basis to Work Studies
Agamenon R. E. Oliveira
3. The Ideas of Work and Energy in Mechanics
Agamenon. R. E. Oliveira

Gillispie, Charles Coulston - Lazare and Sadi Carnot, e-kirja

Lazare and Sadi Carnot

Gillispie, Charles Coulston


Table of contents
1. Biographical Sketch of Lazare Carnot
Charles Coulston Gillispie, Raffaele Pisano
2. The Science of Machines
Charles Coulston Gillispie, Raffaele Pisano
3. The Development of Carnot’s Mechanics
Charles Coulston Gillispie, Raffaele Pisano
4. The Carnot Approach and the Mechanics

Capecchi, Danilo - The Path to Post-Galilean Epistemology, e-kirja

The Path to Post-Galilean Epistemology

Capecchi, Danilo


Table of contents
1. Ancient Mixed Mathematics
Danilo Capecchi
2. Skills and Mathematics in Renaissance Italy
Danilo Capecchi
3. New Forms of Natural Philosophy and Mixed Mathematics
Danilo Capecchi
4. Galilean Epistemology

Zeytounian, R.Kh. - Challenges in Fluid Dynamics, e-kirja

Challenges in Fluid Dynamics

Zeytounian, R.Kh.


Table of contents
1. The Fluid Dynamics Adventure, from Newton to Stokes via Cauchy, Euler, Navier, Poisson, and Fourier
R. Kh. Zeytounian
Part I. Classical Analytical-Asymptotics Newtonian NSF Fluid Dynamics
2. Formulation of Some NSF Unsteady…

Stade, Eric - Fourier Analysis, e-kirja

Fourier Analysis

Stade, Eric


This pioneering resource tells the full story of Fourier analysis, including its history and its impact on the development of modern mathematical analysis, and also discusses essential concepts and today's applications.