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Thaung, Khine Soe - Advanced Information Technology in Education, e-kirja

Advanced Information Technology in Education

Thaung, Khine Soe


Effective Web and Java Security Education with the SWEET Course Modules/Resources
Lixin Tao, Li-Chiou Chen
3. Thinking of the College Students’ Humanistic Quality Cultivation in Forestry and Agricultural Colleges
Gui-jun Zheng, De-sheng Deng, Wei Zhou

Grasso, Domenico - Holistic Engineering Education, e-kirja

Holistic Engineering Education

Grasso, Domenico


The Education of an Engineer in a Holistic Age: A Latin American Perspective
Hector Gallegos
10. On the Cultivation of Innovative Engineering Talent
Pan Yunhe
11. International Education and Holistic Thinking for

Wang, Yuanzhi - Education and Educational Technology, e-kirja

Education and Educational Technology

Wang, Yuanzhi


A Few Thoughts about Examination Method of Holding a Post Education in the Military Academy
Hong-fu Qiang, Qi-yuan Zhong, Li-long Tan
2. The Instructional Material Blended with Needham 5 Phases Strategy in Teaching Visual Art Education
Syamsul Nor Azlan

Sambath, Sabo - Frontiers in Computer Education, e-kirja

Frontiers in Computer Education

Sambath, Sabo


Basic CAD/CAM Engineering Education through Multimedia and Network Aid
Jun Zhao, Han Zhang, Lan Ma, Jiuchuan Chen, Quanxing Wen, Shuo Yin, Xiangnan Wu
7. Application of Multimedia in the PE Instruction of Special Schools in Hebei Province and Influencing Factors

Balogh, Richard - Robotics in Education, e-kirja

Robotics in Education

Balogh, Richard


Robotics Education in Saint Petersburg Secondary School
Sergey Filippov, Natalia Ten, Alexander Fradkov, Ilya Shirokolobov
5. LEGO WeDo Curriculum for Lower Secondary School
Michaela Veselovská, Karolína Mayerová
6. Pythagorean Approximations for