Haku "Digital Music"

Zölzer, Udo - Digital Audio Signal Processing, e-kirja

Digital Audio Signal Processing

Zölzer, Udo


A fully updated second edition of the excellent Digital Audio Signal Processing
Well established in the consumer electronics industry, Digital Audio Signal Processing (DASP) techniques are used in audio CD, computer music

Bader, Rolf - Springer Handbook of Systematic Musicology, e-kirja

Springer Handbook of Systematic Musicology

Bader, Rolf


Music Psychology – Physiology
21. Auditory Time Perception
Simon Grondin, Emi Hasuo, Tsuyoshi Kuroda, Yoshitaka Nakajima
22. Automatic Processing of Musical Sounds in the Human Brain
Elvira Brattico, Chiara Olcese, Mari Tervaniemi
23. Long-Term

Jensenius, Alexander Refsum - A NIME Reader, e-kirja

A NIME Reader

Jensenius, Alexander Refsum


2002: Multimodal Interaction in Music Using the Electromyogram and Relative Position Sensing
Atau Tanaka, R. Benjamin Knapp
5. 2002: The Plank: Designing a Simple Haptic Controller
Bill Verplank, Michael Gurevich, Max Mathews
6. 2003: Contexts of Collaborative

Auer, Michael E. - Teaching and Learning in a Digital World, e-kirja

Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

Auer, Michael E.


Influence of the Mobile Digital Resources (MDR) Conceptual Model in Motivation of Disadvantaged Students
María José Albert Gómez, Clara Pérez Molina, María García Pérez, Isabel Ortega Sánchez, Manuel Castro
39. The Math Trail as a Learning Activity

Bovermann, Till - Musical Instruments in the 21st Century, e-kirja

Musical Instruments in the 21st Century

Bovermann, Till


Interactivity of Digital Musical Instruments: Implications of Classifying Musical Instruments on Basic Music Research
Jin Hyun Kim, Uwe Seifert
Part II. Design Make Create
8. Movement Meets Material—An Improvisational Approach to Design
Johanna Schindler,

Williams, J.B. - The Electronics Revolution, e-kirja

The Electronics Revolution

Williams, J.B.


Pop Music: Youth Culture in the 1950s and 1960s
J. B. Williams
10. From People to Machines: The Rise of Computers
J. B. Williams
11. Chips into Everything: Integrated Circuits
J. B. Williams
12. From Signboards to Screens: Displays
J. B.

Gengnagel, Christoph - Computational Design Modelling, e-kirja

Computational Design Modelling

Gengnagel, Christoph


SPACES_Analog and Digital Approaches to Membrane Architecture on the Example of Corner Solutions
Günther H. Filz
14. Performance Based Interactive Analysis
Odysseas Georgiou, Paul Richens, Paul Shepherd
15. On the Materiality and Structural Behaviour

Caballero, Alfonso Mateos - Intelligent Decision Technologies 2016, e-kirja

Intelligent Decision Technologies 2016

Caballero, Alfonso Mateos


Decision Case Management for Digital Enterprise Architectures with the Internet of Things
Alfred Zimmermann, Rainer Schmidt, Dierk Jugel, Kurt Sandkuhl, Christian Schweda, Michael Möhring, Justus Bogner
4. Exploiting Emoticons to Generate Emotional Dictionaries