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Pavlović, Mirjana - Animal and Plant Stem Cells, e-kirja

Animal and Plant Stem Cells

Pavlović, Mirjana


Expansion of Stem Cells: Propagation of Animal Stem Cells Ex Vivo (In Culture)
Mirjana Pavlović, Ksenija Radotić
8. Stem Cell Pool: What Are the Best Patterns for Cellular Therapy?
Mirjana Pavlović, Ksenija Radotić
9. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Pohjanvirta, Raimo - The AH Receptor in Biology and Toxicology, e-kirja

The AH Receptor in Biology and Toxicology

Pohjanvirta, Raimo


The coverage includes epigenetic mechanisms, gene expression, reproductive and developmental toxicity, signal transduction, and transgenic animal models. Featuring an internationally recognized team of authors at the forefront of AHR research, this resource provides

Gefen, Amit - Bioengineering Research of Chronic Wounds, e-kirja

Bioengineering Research of Chronic Wounds

Gefen, Amit


Finite Element and Animal Studies of Scar Contractions Leading to Chronic Wounds
Cormac Flynn, Brendan McCormack
10. Cellular Deformations under Compression in Cells Involved in Deep Tissue Injury
Noa Slomka, Shira Or-Tzadikario, Amit Gefen
IV. Tissue-Engineered

Dewick, Paul M. - Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach, e-kirja

Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach

Dewick, Paul M.


It retains the user-friendly style and highly acclaimed features of previous editions:a comprehensive treatment of plant, microbial, and animal natural products in one volumeextensive use of chemical schemes with annotated mechanistic explanationscross-referencing