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Bejan, Adrian - Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics, e-kirja

Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics

Bejan, Adrian


Sociological Theory, Constructal Theory, and Globalization
Edward A. Tiryakian
8. Is Animal Learning Optimal?
John E. R. Staddon
9. Conflict and Conciliation Dynamics
Anthony Oberschall
10. Human Aging and Mortality
Kenneth G. Manton, Kenneth

Flache, Andreas - Advances in Social Simulation 2015, e-kirja

Advances in Social Simulation 2015

Flache, Andreas


A Model of Social and Economic Capital in Social Networks
Bogumił Kamiński, Jakub Growiec, Katarzyna Growiec
17. The Impact of Macro-scale Determinants on Individual Residential Mobility Behaviour
Andreas Koch
18. Modelling the Energy Transition:

Kamiński, Bogumił - Advances in Social Simulation, e-kirja

Advances in Social Simulation

Kamiński, Bogumił


Towards Validating Social Network Simulations
Syed Muhammad Ali Abbas, Shah Jamal Alam, Bruce Edmonds
2. On the Quality of a Social Simulation Model: A Lifecycle Framework
Claudio Cioffi-Revilla
3. A New Framework

Moon, Francis C. - Social Networks in the History of Innovation and Invention, e-kirja

Social Networks in the History of Innovation and Invention

Moon, Francis C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: James Watt’s Social Network
Francis Moon
2. Networks in the Machine Age: From Leonardo to Clocks to Reuleaux
Francis Moon
3. Social Networks of the Internal Combustion Engine and Automobile
Francis Moon
4. Social Networks in Early Aviation History
Francis Moon

Binmore, Ken - Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction, e-kirja

Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction

Binmore, Ken


Games are played everywhere: from economics and online auctions to social interactions, and game theory is about how to play such games in a rational way, and how to maximize their outcomes. This VSI reveals, without mathematical equations, the insights