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Cho, Joanne Miyang - Transnational Encounters between Germany and Japan, e-kirja

Transnational Encounters between Germany and Japan

Cho, Joanne Miyang


Table of contents
0. Introduction
1. German-Japanese Relations from Meiji to Heisei
Joanne Miyang Cho, Lee M. Roberts, Christian W. Spang
Part I. Ambivalent Partners in Modernization
2. The Myth of “Familiar Germany”
Takenaka Toru
3. Karl von Eisendecher and Japan
Sven Saaler
4. Count Hermann

Carvalhaes, Cláudio - Liturgy in Postcolonial Perspectives, e-kirja

Liturgy in Postcolonial Perspectives

Carvalhaes, Cláudio


After the Holocaust and Israel: On Liturgy and the Postcolonial (Jewish) Prophetic in the New Diaspora
Marc H. Ellis
Part II. African and African American Perspectives
5. The Ethical Implications of Migration on Liturgy: An African Postcolonial Perspective

Taylor, Kelley - Holiday Decorating For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, e-kirja

Holiday Decorating For Dummies®

Taylor, Kelley


Holiday Decorating For Dummies helps you gain that skill with topics such as:Discovering tabletop decorating basicsBudgeting time, money, and spaceGetting organizedCaring for your decorationsKnowing where to go for ideas and inspirationCelebrating Valentine’s Day, Halloween, ThanksgivingDecorating