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Cai, Yiyu - Simulation and Serious Games for Education, e-kirja

Simulation and Serious Games for Education

Cai, Yiyu


Formative Evaluation of a Mathematics Game for Out-of-School Children in Sudan
Hester Stubbé, Aiman Badri, Rebecca Telford, Stefan Oosterbeek, Anja Hulst
6. Empowering Vocational Math Teachers by Using Digital Learning Material (DLM) with Workplace Assignments

Kankaanranta, Marja - Design and Use of Serious Games, e-kirja

Design and Use of Serious Games

Kankaanranta, Marja


Children's Involvement in the Design of Game-Based Learning Environments
Tuula Nousiainen
II. Learning
5. Designing Serious Games for Computer Assisted Language Learning – a Framework for Development

Hartman, Hattie - Brazil: Restructuring the Urban, e-kirja

Brazil: Restructuring the Urban

Hartman, Hattie


Whereas previously urban growth had been ad hoc, preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 12 cities across the country in 2014, and for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio, changed all that. Several Brazilian cities have proactively invested in infrastructure

Ma, Maode - Current Technology Developments of WiMax Systems, e-kirja

Current Technology Developments of WiMax Systems

Ma, Maode


Table of contents
1. Deployment and Design of Multi-Antenna WiMax Systems in a Non-Stationary Interference Environment
M. Nicoli, S. Savazzi, O. Simeone, R. Bosisio, G. Primolevo, L. Sampietro, C. Santacesaria
2. Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for 802.16E-2005 MAC
Yi-Neng Lin, Shih-Hsin Chien, Ying-Dar Lin, Yuan-Cheng