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Steinhilber, Dieter - Lipoxygenases in Inflammation, e-kirja

Lipoxygenases in Inflammation

Steinhilber, Dieter


Table of contents
1. Lipoxygenases: An Introduction
Dieter Steinhilber
2. 5-Lipoxygenase
Oliver Werz, Olof Rådmark
3. Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase and Leukotriene C4 Synthase
Agnes Rinaldo-Matthis, Jesper Z. Haeggström
4. Catalytic…

Brown, Kristy A. - Obesity and Breast Cancer, e-kirja

Obesity and Breast Cancer

Brown, Kristy A.


Table of contents
1. Estrogens, Adiposity and the Menopause
Kristy A. Brown, Evan R. Simpson
2. The Link Between Obesity and Breast Cancer Risk: Epidemiological Evidence
Kristy A. Brown, Evan R. Simpson
3. Adipose-Derived and Obesity-Related…

Müller, Werner E. G. - Biomedical Inorganic Polymers, e-kirja

Biomedical Inorganic Polymers

Müller, Werner E. G.


Table of contents
1. Chemical, Biochemical, and Biological Behaviors of Vanadate and Its Oligomers
Xiao-Gai Yang, Kui Wang
2. Structural Characterization of Inorganic Biomaterials
Irene M. Mavridis
3. Enzymes of Inorganic Polyphosphate…

Fesus, Laszlo - Transglutaminases, e-kirja


Fesus, Laszlo


Table of contents
1. Structure of Transglutaminases: Unique Features Serve Diverse Functions
Máté Á. Demény, Ilma Korponay-Szabó, László Fésüs
2. Control of TG Functions Depending on Their Localization
Yutaka Furutani, Soichi…

Couillin, Isabelle - The Inflammasomes, e-kirja

The Inflammasomes

Couillin, Isabelle


Table of contents
1. Molecular Definition of Inflammasomes
Virginie Pétrilli, Fabio Martinon
2. Pyroptosis: A Caspase-1-Dependent Programmed Cell Death and a Barrier to Infection
Katherine Labbé, Maya Saleh
3. Activation of the Inflammasome…

Chen, Chang-Hwei - Activation and Detoxification Enzymes, e-kirja

Activation and Detoxification Enzymes

Chen, Chang-Hwei


Table of contents
1. Overview
Chang-Hwei Chen
2. Lipophilic Foreign Compounds
Chang-Hwei Chen
3. Metabolic Conversion of Lipophilic Compounds
Chang-Hwei Chen
4. Phase I Enzymes
Chang-Hwei Chen
5. Phase II Enzymes

Böhm, Petra - DNA Methylation: Basic Mechanisms, e-kirja

DNA Methylation: Basic Mechanisms

Böhm, Petra


Molecular Enzymology of Mammalian DNA Methyltransferases
A. Jeltsch
Part V. Epigenetic Phenomena
8. Familial Hydatidiform Molar Pregnancy: The Germline Imprinting Defect Hypothesis?
O. El-Maarri, R. Slim
9. Dual Inheritance
R. Holliday

Houtkooper, Riekelt H. - Sirtuins, e-kirja


Houtkooper, Riekelt H.


Table of contents
1. Biochemistry and Enzymology of Sirtuins
Yue Yang, Anthony A. Sauve
2. NAD+ as a Pharmacological Tool to Boost Sirtuin Activity
Riekelt H. Houtkooper
3. Protein Lysine Acylation: Abundance, Dynamics and Function
Olga Pougovkina, Vincent C. J. Boer
4. SIRT1 in Metabolic Health and

Elfarra, Adnan - Advances in Bioactivation Research, e-kirja

Advances in Bioactivation Research

Elfarra, Adnan


One- and Two-Electron-Mediated Reduction of Quinones: Enzymology and Toxicological Implications
David Siegel, Phillip Reigan, David Ross
9. Lipoxidation-Derived Electrophiles as Biological Reactive Intermediates
Lin, Lawrence M. Sayre
10. Bioactivation

Pommier, Yves - DNA Topoisomerases and Cancer, e-kirja

DNA Topoisomerases and Cancer

Pommier, Yves


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Historical Perspective
Patrick Forterre
2. Human DNA Topoisomerase I: Structure, Enzymology and Biology
James J. Champoux
3. Mitochondrial Topoisomerases
Ilaria Dalla Rosa, Yves Pommier, Hongliang Zhang
4. Structure and Mechanism of Eukaryotic Type IIA Topoisomerases