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Vickers, Elaine - A Beginner's Guide to Targeted Cancer Treatments, e-kirja

A Beginner's Guide to Targeted Cancer Treatments

Vickers, Elaine


The accessible guide to the principles behind new, more targeted drug treatments for cancer
Written for anyone who encounters cancer patients, cancer data or cancer terminology, but have no more than a passing knowledge of cell biology. A Beginner's…

Ratnam, Lakshmi - Managing Common Interventional Radiology Complications, e-kirja

Managing Common Interventional Radiology Complications

Ratnam, Lakshmi


Patel, Raf Patel, Uday Patel, Lakshmi Ratnam, Reddi Prasad Yadavali, John Rose
2. Retrieval of an Intravascular Foreign Body in the Venous System
Robert P. Allison, Anna Maria Belli, Joo-Young Chun, Raymond Chung, Raj Das, Andrew England, Karen Flood, Marie-France

Bister, Klaus - Viruses, Genes, and Cancer, e-kirja

Viruses, Genes, and Cancer

Bister, Klaus


MYC and RAF: Key Effectors in Cellular Signaling and Major Drivers in Human Cancer
Eduard Stefan, Klaus Bister
6. Oncogenic Roles of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR Axis
Masahiro Aoki, Teruaki Fujishita
7. MicroRNA Dysregulation to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets

Markowitz, Sanford D. - Energy Balance and Gastrointestinal Cancer, e-kirja

Energy Balance and Gastrointestinal Cancer

Markowitz, Sanford D.


Ras/Raf and Their Influence in Glycolysis in Colon Cancer
Fred Bunz, Nickolas Papadopoulos
9. Energy Balance and Other Modifiable Host Factors on Colorectal Cancer Prognosis
Jeffrey Meyerhardt
10. Cyclooxygenase-2 and Chronic Inflammation: Drivers of

Drevelegas, Antonios - Imaging of Brain Tumors with Histological Correlations, e-kirja

Imaging of Brain Tumors with Histological Correlations

Drevelegas, Antonios


Table of contents
1. Epidemiology, Histologic Classification, and Clinical Course of Brain Tumors
George Karkavelas, Nickolaos Tascos
2. Imaging Modalities in Brain Tumors
Antonios Drevelegas, Nickolas Papanikolaou
3. Molecular Abnormalities in Gliomas
Anna C. Goussia, Konstantinos Polyzoidis, Maria Bai,

Der, Channing - RAS Family GTPases, e-kirja

RAS Family GTPases

Der, Channing


Table of contents
1. Ras Stories: The State of the Art
Patrick J. Roberts, Channing J. Der
2. Ras-Gefs and Ras Gaps
Jose M. Rojas, Eugenio Santos
3. Structural Principles of Ras Interaction with Regulators and Effectors
Dennis Fiegen, Radovan Dvorsky, Mohammad Reza Ahmadian
4. RAS and the RAF/MEK/ERK

Antman, Karen - Molecular Targeting in Oncology, e-kirja

Molecular Targeting in Oncology

Antman, Karen


Table of contents
I.General Strategies for Molecular Targeting in Oncology
1. The Cell Cycle
Chad D. Knights, Richard G. Pestell
2. mTOR
John B. Easton, Peter J. Houghton
3. Ras/Raf/MEK Inhibitors
Joseph A. Sparano
4. 17-AAG
Len Neckers, Percy Ivy
5. The Cancer Epigenome
Sam Thiagalingam,