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Shewell, Christina - Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices, e-kirja

Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices

Shewell, Christina


Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices is a key work that addresses the theoretical and experiential aspects common to the practical vocal work of the three major voice practitioner professions - voice training, singing teaching, and speech and language pathology.
The first half

Hutchinson, Tom A. - Whole Person Care, e-kirja

Whole Person Care

Hutchinson, Tom A.


Table of contents
1. Whole Person Care
Tom A. Hutchinson
2. Suffering, Whole Person Care, and the Goals of Medicine
Eric J. Cassell
3. The Healing Journey
Tom A. Hutchinson, Balfour M. Mount, Michael Kearney
4. The Challenge of Medical Dichotomies and the Congruent Physician–Patient Relationship

Zini, Gina - Morphology of Blood Disorders, e-kirja

Morphology of Blood Disorders

Zini, Gina


Originally written in the Italian language by two world leaders in the field, the book has been expertly translated by the renowned haematologist and teacher, Barbara Bain.
This book explores the major topics of haematological pathology, blending classical

Holloway, Immy - Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare, e-kirja

Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare

Holloway, Immy

Alk. 35,55€

Though now retired from full-time work, she still takes an active in teaching and PhD supervision. She wrote, edited and co-wrote several books in the field of qualitative research which have been translated into several languages

Linley, P. Alex - Positive Psychology in Practice, e-kirja

Positive Psychology in Practice

Linley, P. Alex


While the larger question of optimal human functioning is hardly new - Aristotle addressed it in his treatises on eudaimonia - positive psychology offers a common language on this subject to professionals working in a variety of subdisciplines and practices. Applicable

Sompayrac, Lauren M. - How the Immune System Works, e-kirja

How the Immune System Works

Sompayrac, Lauren M.


Sompayrac cuts through the jargon and details to reveal, in simple language, the essence of this complex subject.
Fifteen easy to follow lectures, featuring the uniquely popular humorous style and engaging analogies developed by Dr Sompayrac, provide an introduction

Greenhalgh, Trisha - Primary Health Care: Theory and Practice, e-kirja

Primary Health Care: Theory and Practice

Greenhalgh, Trisha

Alk. 98,25€


From the foreword by Julian Tudor Hart
“Trish Greenhalgh, in her frequent columns in the British Medical Journal…more than any other medical journalist spoke to her fellow GPs in the language of experience, but never without linking