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Gooijer, Win - Trends in EU Health Care Systems, e-kirja

Trends in EU Health Care Systems

Gooijer, Win


Table of contents
Part One. A Changing Social Context
1. Moving Along a Continuum
2. Promoting and Opposing the Market
3. The Arguments
4. The Effects
Part Two. Consequences for Health Care Systems
5. Health Care and the Economic Order
6. Health Care Dynamics
7. The Influence of the European Union

Venot, Alain - Medical Informatics, e-Health, e-kirja

Medical Informatics, e-Health

Venot, Alain


Representation of Patient Data in Health Information Systems and Electronic Health Records
M. Cuggia, P. Avillach, C. Daniel
5. The Processing of Medical Images: Principles, Main Applications and Perspectives
L. Legrand
6. Enhanced Medical Intervention:

Chakraborty, Raja - Diabetes Mellitus in 21st Century, e-kirja

Diabetes Mellitus in 21st Century

Chakraborty, Raja


Indian Traditional Medicinal Systems, Herbal Medicine, and Diabetes
Saikat Sen, Raja Chakraborty, Biplab De
11. Management of Diabetes Mellitus
Saikat Sen, Raja Chakraborty, Biplab De
12. Recent Developments in Diabetes Therapy
Saikat Sen, Raja

Gutkin, Boris - Computational Neuroscience of Drug Addiction, e-kirja

Computational Neuroscience of Drug Addiction

Gutkin, Boris


Toward a Computationally Unified Behavioral-Economic Model of Addiction
E. Terry Mueller, Laurence P. Carter, Warren K. Bickel
11. Simulating Patterns of Heroin Addiction Within the Social Context of a Local Heroin Market
Lee Hoffer, Georgiy Bobashev,

Davies, A. M. - Understanding the Global Dimensions of Health, e-kirja

Understanding the Global Dimensions of Health

Davies, A. M.


Value Systems and Healthcare Ethics
Bernard M. Dickens
5. World Health
M. Manciaux, T. M. Fliedner
Section II.Systems
6. Health Policies versus Public Policies
Andrzej Wojtczak
7. A Medicine Based on Evidence
J. Szczerban
8. The Promise

Herman, W. - The Evidence Base for Diabetes Care, e-kirja

The Evidence Base for Diabetes Care

Herman, W.


The final chapters look at the practical implications of translating this evidence into practice in different environments with different health care systems and different economic levels. This is the first book to present an evidence-based approach to diabetes Examines

Ballantyne, Bryan - Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation, e-kirja

Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation

Ballantyne, Bryan


The book describes the regulatory systems in three major economic areas: the North American Free Trade Area (USA, Canada and Mexico), the European Union and Japan.
This book should be of interest to all individuals working on the development and application