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Spielman, Bethany J. - Bioethics in Law, e-kirja

Bioethics in Law

Spielman, Bethany J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. How Does Bioethics Help Judicial Reasoning?
3. Health Care Ethics Committee Determinations
4. Institutional Review Board Determinations
5. Bioethics Commission Reports
6. Bioethics Scholarship
7. Reliability of Bioethics Testimony
8. Reliability of Bioethics

Nunn, Amy - The Politics and History of AIDS Treatment in Brazil, e-kirja

The Politics and History of AIDS Treatment in Brazil

Nunn, Amy


Democratization and Institutional Precursors to AIDS Treatment in Brazil
4. Development of Brazil’s First AIDS Treatment Institutions in a New Democracy
5. Legislative Reforms and AIDS Treatment in the 1990s
6. Development of Brazil’s Contemporary AIDS

Sinard, John H. - Practical Pathology Informatics, e-kirja

Practical Pathology Informatics

Sinard, John H.


Table of contents
1. The Scope of Pathology Informatics
2. Desktop Computers: Hardware
3. Desktop Computers: Software
4. Networking and the Internet
5. Databases
6. Pathology LIS: Relationship to Institutional Systems
7. Evaluating Anatomic Pathology Information Systems
8. Digital Imaging in Anatomic

Parker, Ian - Japan in Analysis, e-kirja

Japan in Analysis

Parker, Ian


Table of contents
1. Introductions and Preliminary Meetings
Ian Parker
2. Dependency in Development: ‘Where id was, there ego shall be’
Ian Parker
3. Institutional Politics and Cultural Intervention: ‘They were killing their mothers’
Ian Parker
4. Civilization and its Contents: ‘Buddhistic

Mick, Stephen S. - Advances in Health Care Organization Theory, e-kirja

Advances in Health Care Organization Theory

Mick, Stephen S.


Topics include:Institutional and neo-institutional theoryPatient-centered practices and organizational culture changeDesign and implementation of patient-centered care management teamsHospital-based clusters as new organizational structuresApplication of social network