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Kirsh, Steven J. - Media and Youth: A Developmental Perspective, e-kirja

Media and Youth: A Developmental Perspective

Kirsh, Steven J.


Media & Youth: A Developmental Perspective provides a comprehensive review and critique of the research and theoretical literature related to media effects on infants, children, and adolescents, with a unique emphasis on development. The only textbook to evaluate the role of development

Duenwald, Mary - Pregnancy For Canadians For Dummies, e-kirja

Pregnancy For Canadians For Dummies

Duenwald, Mary

Alk. 22,45€

Topics include: A trimester-by-trimester look at your baby's development. Find out what's normal - and what's not New findings about the treatment of pre-term labour and Down syndrome screening, and available options for detecting various problems What to expect during

Tsukiura, Takashi - Memory in a Social Context, e-kirja

Memory in a Social Context

Tsukiura, Takashi


Benefits of “Smart Ageing” Interventions Using Cognitive Training, Brain Training Games, Exercise, and Nutrition Intake for Aged Memory Functions in Healthy Elderly People
Rui Nouchi, Ryuta Kawashima
16. Cultural Psychology as a Form of Memory Research

Beyreuther, Konrad - Alzheimer: 100 Years and Beyond, e-kirja

Alzheimer: 100 Years and Beyond

Beyreuther, Konrad


A chapter in the development on Alzheimer’s disease research
Zaven S. Khachaturian
7. Anatomical changes underlying dementia in Alzheimer’s disease
Bradley T. Hyman
8. Staging of cortical neurofibrillary inclusions of the Alzheimer’s type