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Günergun, Feza - Science between Europe and Asia, e-kirja

Science between Europe and Asia

Günergun, Feza


The Ottoman Empire and the Technological Dialogue Between Europe and Asia: The Case of Military Technology and Know-How in the Gunpowder Age
Gábor Ágoston
4. General Observations on the Ottoman Military Industry, 1774–1839: Problems of Organization and

Agnoletti, Mauro - Biocultural Diversity in Europe, e-kirja

Biocultural Diversity in Europe

Agnoletti, Mauro


Biocultural Diversity and Landscape in Europe: Framing the Issue
Mauro Agnoletti, Francesca Emanueli
Part I. Landscape Characters and Biocultural Diversity
2. The Traditional Mediterranean Polycultural Landscape as Cultural Heritage: Its Origin and Historical

Levy, Daniel C. - Private Higher Education in Post-Communist Europe, e-kirja

Private Higher Education in Post-Communist Europe

Levy, Daniel C.


Introduction Private Higher Education in Post-Communist Europe: In Search of Legitimacy
Snejana Slantcheva, Daniel C. Levy
Part I. Regional Perspectives
2. The Long Quest for Legitimacy: An Extended Gaze from Europe’s Western Parts
Guy Neave