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Seedhouse, Erik - Tourists in Space, e-kirja

Tourists in Space

Seedhouse, Erik


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Strapping rockets to dreams: The significance of SpaceShipOne
3. Suborbital company profiles, technology drivers, and mission architecture
4. Medical and training requirements for suborbital flight

Phillips, Robert W. - Grappling with Gravity, e-kirja

Grappling with Gravity

Phillips, Robert W.


Table of contents
1. A Great New Adventure
Robert W. Phillips
2. The Long Road to Space Flight
Robert W. Phillips
3. Why Go to Space?
Robert W. Phillips
4. Change and Prosper
Robert W. Phillips
5. Everything Is Topsy Turvy
Robert W. Phillips
6. Tomorrow’s Tourist Adventures

Lebel, Louis - Sustainable Production Consumption Systems, e-kirja

Sustainable Production Consumption Systems

Lebel, Louis


Production and Consumption of Tourist Landscapes in Coastal Areas: Case Study of Tourism in Malaysia
Ooi Giok Ling
12. Enhancing Sustainable Tourism in Thailand: A Policy Perspective
Hannarong Shamsub
13. Tourism Products, Local Host Communities and

Wiegandt, Ellen - Mountains: Sources of Water, Sources of Knowledge, e-kirja

Mountains: Sources of Water, Sources of Knowledge

Wiegandt, Ellen


Table of contents
1. General Concepts and Processes; Mountain Specificities
1. Framing the Study of Mountain Water Resources: An Introduction
Ellen Wiegandt
2. “Water Towers”—A Global View of the Hydrological Importance of Mountains
Daniel Viviroli, Rolf Weingartner
3. The History of Irrigation and