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Agnoletti, Mauro - Biocultural Diversity in Europe, e-kirja

Biocultural Diversity in Europe

Agnoletti, Mauro


Biocultural Diversity and Landscape in Europe: Framing the Issue
Mauro Agnoletti, Francesca Emanueli
Part I. Landscape Characters and Biocultural Diversity
2. The Traditional Mediterranean Polycultural Landscape as Cultural Heritage: Its Origin and Historical

Schilling, Govert - Europe to the Stars, e-kirja

Europe to the Stars

Schilling, Govert


The creation of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in 1962 was the culmination of the dream of leading astronomers from five European countries. Over the years, as more member states joined, ESO constructed the La Silla and Paranal observatories, as well as the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter

Bull, Alan T. - Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe, e-kirja

Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe

Bull, Alan T.


Discovery of a regular nesting area of loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta in southern Italy: a new perspective for national conservation
Toni Mingozzi, Giampiero Masciari, Giuseppe Paolillo, Brunella Pisani, Manuela Russo, Alessandro Massolo
21. Benefits of

Oertli, Beat - Pond Conservation in Europe, e-kirja

Pond Conservation in Europe

Oertli, Beat


Table of contents
1. The ecology of European ponds: defining the characteristics of a neglected freshwater habitat
R. Céréghino, J. Biggs, B. Oertli, S. Declerck
2. A comparison of the catchment sizes of rivers, streams, ponds, ditches and lakes: implications for protecting aquatic biodiversity in an agricultural

Singh, Sunit Kumar - Viral Infections and Global Change, e-kirja

Viral Infections and Global Change

Singh, Sunit Kumar

Alk. 150,50€

One need only consider recent developments, such as the spread of chikungunya across southern Europe and dengue in Singapore, Brazil, and the southern United States, to appreciate the seriousness

Adams, Brian - Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies, e-kirja

Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies

Adams, Brian


The volume addresses sites ranging in age from some of the earliest hominin occupations in eastern and southern Africa to late Pleistocene and post-Pleistocene occupations in North American and Australia. The Early Paleolithic in India and the Near East, the Middle

French, Hugh M. - The Periglacial Environment, e-kirja

The Periglacial Environment

French, Hugh M.


    Extensively revised and updated Written by an expert with over 50 years of field research Draws upon the author’s personal experience from Northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Tibet, Antarctica, Svalbard, Scandinavia, southern South America, Western Europe

Allaire, Bernard - Law, Labour and Empire, e-kirja

Law, Labour and Empire

Allaire, Bernard


The Hanseatics in Southern Europe: Structure and Payment of German Long-Distance Shipping, 1630–1700
Magnus Ressel
9. Mobility, Migration and Human Capital in the Long Eighteenth Century: The Life of Joseph Anton Ponsaing