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Gresh, Lois H. - The Science of Superheroes, e-kirja

The Science of Superheroes

Gresh, Lois H.


Lois Gresh (Rochester, NY) has written eight novels and nonfiction books as well as dozens of short stories and has been nominated for national fiction awards six times.
Robert Weinberg (Oak Forest, IL) is a multiple award-winning

Goldstein, Lawrence S.B. - Stem Cells For Dummies, e-kirja

Stem Cells For Dummies

Goldstein, Lawrence S.B.


and abroad, and the prospects for medical stem cell therapies in the short and long term. Explains the differences between adult stem cells and embryonic/umbilical cord stem cells Provides both sides of the political debate and the pros and cons of each side's opinions Includes

O'Dell, Kevin - Genetics? No Problem!, e-kirja

Genetics? No Problem!

O'Dell, Kevin


For first level students there will be short genetics problems embedded in a wide range of scenarios, such as murder mysteries. As the book progresses, the stories will get longer and the science will get progressively more complex

Azeiteiro, Ulisses M. - Handbook of Climate Change Communication: Vol. 2, e-kirja

Handbook of Climate Change Communication: Vol. 2

Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.


Table of contents
1. Weather Forecasting Using Local Traditional Knowledge (LTK) in the Midst of Climate Change in Domboshawa, Zimbabwe
Vincent Itai Tanyanyiwa
2. Climate Change Communication in Nepal
Anup K. C.
3. Short Stories and Climate Change: An Application of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model