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Gritsai, Natalia - Van Dyck, e-kirja

Van Dyck

Gritsai, Natalia


Bereits mit der Eröffnung seines ersten Ateliers im Alter von 16 Jahren war Anthonis van Dyck (1599-1641) eine Legende der Kunstwelt. Er hatte Rubens schon als Kind studiert, wurde sein talentiertester Schüler und als gefeierter Hofmaler in England…

Gritsai, Natalia - Van Dyck, e-kirja

Van Dyck

Gritsai, Natalia


From the time he set up his first studio at the tender age of sixteen, Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) was a legend in the art world. Rubens, whom he studied with as a child, said that he was his most talented pupil, and he went on to spectacularly fulfill…

Cousturier, Lucie - Seurat, e-kirja


Cousturier, Lucie


Seurat’s intricate paintings could take years to complete, with the magnificent results impressing the viewer with both their scientific complexity and visual impact. His Un Dimanche Après-Midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte (Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand

Mazzeo, Rocco - Analytical Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, e-kirja

Analytical Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

Mazzeo, Rocco


Non-invasive Investigations of Paintings by Portable Instrumentation: The MOLAB Experience
B. Brunetti, C. Miliani, F. Rosi, B. Doherty, L. Monico, A. Romani, A. Sgamellotti
3. Non-Invasive and Non-Destructive Examination of Artistic Pigments, Paints, and

 - Cartography and Art, e-kirja

Cartography and Art


Marriage and Divorce: Is the Evolution of Landscape Paintings Ending in the Fields of Topographic Cartography and Graphic Design?
Markus Jobst
7. Are we Living in a Cartographic Illiterate Society?
Karel Kriz
8. Aesthetics of the CORINE Land Cover Maps

Laszig, Parfen - Blade Runner, Matrix und Avatare, e-kirja

Blade Runner, Matrix und Avatare

Laszig, Parfen


Table of contents
1. Wo Es war, soll Ich werden
Andreas Hamburger
2. Gibt es eine „wirkliche“ Welt?
Hinderk M. Emrich
3. Schockmomente im Kinosessel
Rainer Reffert
4. „Death Watch“ oder die Inszenierung der Realität
Udo Rauchfleisch
5. Der Glanz im Auge des Replikanten

Biswas, Arindam - Understanding Built Environment, e-kirja

Understanding Built Environment

Biswas, Arindam


Gender and Space in the Paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and Amrita Sher-Gill
Mandakini, Ila Gupta, P. Jha
21. The Idea of Infinite in Indian and Western Art: Perceiving It Through the Intangible Cultural Identity
Vandana Sehgal
22. Local Residents’

Kautek, Wolfgang - Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks, e-kirja

Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks

Kautek, Wolfgang


Integration of Laser Ablation Techniques for Cleaning the Wall Paintings of the Sagrestia Vecchia and Cappella del Manto in Santa Maria della Scala, Siena
S. Siano, A. Brunetto, A. Mencaglia, G. Guasparri, A. Scala, F. Droghini, A. Bagnoli
24. Preliminary Results