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Aste, Tomaso - Banking Beyond Banks and Money, e-kirja

Banking Beyond Banks and Money

Aste, Tomaso


Reinventing Money and Lending for the Digital Age
Richard D. Porter, Wade Rousse
10. How Non-banks are Boosting Financial Inclusion and Remittance
Diana C. Biggs
11. Scalability and Egalitarianism in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Fabio Caccioli, Giacomo

Seligman, Erik - Math Mutation Classics, e-kirja

Math Mutation Classics

Seligman, Erik


Table of contents
1. Simple Surprises
Erik Seligman
2. Into the Infinite
Erik Seligman
3. Getting Geometric
Erik Seligman
4. Deeper Dimensions
Erik Seligman
5. Understanding the Universe
Erik Seligman
6. The Mathematical Mind
Erik Seligman
7. Science and Skepticism

Siclari, Domenico - Italian Banking and Financial Law, e-kirja

Italian Banking and Financial Law

Siclari, Domenico


Electronic Money Institutions and Payment Institutions
Francesco Ciraolo
5. Insurance Companies
Andrea Miglionico
Part II. Markets
6. Regulation of Markets in Financial Instruments in Italy and in the European Union: General Principles

Saleuddin, Rasheed - Regulating Securitized Products, e-kirja

Regulating Securitized Products

Saleuddin, Rasheed


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Securitization as Villain and Savior
Rasheed Saleuddin
2. Securitization Markets and Mechanisms
Rasheed Saleuddin
3. Securitization, the Global Financial Crisis, and the New Regulatory World
Rasheed Saleuddin
4. What Is Regulation, and What It Can and Can’t Do —

Blomstrom, Duena - Emotional Banking, e-kirja

Emotional Banking

Blomstrom, Duena


Table of contents
Part I. Banks Today
1. The Relationship Between Financial Services and Technology
Duena Blomstrom
2. FinTech—Trends, Players, Challengers, and Bubbles
Duena Blomstrom
3. Products vs. Money Moments
Duena Blomstrom
4. Let’s Get Real—Anecdotes from FinTech Titans Experiencing