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Frayn, Keith N. - Lipids: Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Health, e-kirja

Lipids: Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Health

Frayn, Keith N.


For the 6th Edition of this highly regarded textbook devoted to lipids, the title has been modified from Lipid Biochemistry to Lipids to acknowledge the coming together of biological and medical sciences, the increasingly blurred boundaries between them and the growing importance of lipids

Gunn, Gus - Critical Metals Handbook, e-kirja

Critical Metals Handbook

Gunn, Gus


Critical metals, which are those of growing economic importance that might be susceptible to future scarcity, are a particular worry.  For many of these we have little information on how they are concentrated in the Earth’s crust, how to extract them from

Chiu, Sung Nok - Stochastic Geometry and Its Applications, e-kirja

Stochastic Geometry and Its Applications

Chiu, Sung Nok

Alk. 91,95€

This edition: Presents a wealth of models for spatial patterns and related statistical methods. Provides a great survey of the modern theory of random tessellations, including many new models that became tractable only in the last few years. Includes new sections

Rossomando, Edward F. - HPLC in Enzymatic Analysis, e-kirja

HPLC in Enzymatic Analysis

Rossomando, Edward F.


The use of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) techniques in the study of enzymatic reactions has grown significantly since the publication of the first edition of this highly successful book: the role of enzymes in biological research has expanded; the application of HPLC and

Hartemink, Alfred E. - Digital Soil Mapping with Limited Data, e-kirja

Digital Soil Mapping with Limited Data

Hartemink, Alfred E.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Digital Soil Mapping: A State of the Art
P. Lagacherie
2. Digital Soil Mapping Technologies for Countries with Sparse Data Infrastructures
Budiman Minasny, Alex. B. McBratney, R. Murray Lark
3. A New Global Demand for Digital Soil Information
S.E. Cook, A.