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Dupre, John - Value-Free Science: Ideal or Illusion?, e-kirja

Value-Free Science: Ideal or Illusion?

Dupre, John


Introduction Part I: Case Studies Chapter 2. Fact and Value, John Dupre Chapter 3. How Should Sociologists Study Social Problems?, Michael Root Chapter 4. Coming to Terms with the Value(s) of Science: Insights from Feminist

Akinleye, Adesola - Narratives in Black British Dance, e-kirja

Narratives in Black British Dance

Akinleye, Adesola


Caribfunk Technique: A New Feminist/Womanist Futuristic Technology in Black Dance Studies in Higher Education
A’Keitha Carey
16. More Similarities than Differences: Searching for New Pathways
Beverley Glean, Rosie

Chaplin, Joyce E. - Genealogies of Genius, e-kirja

Genealogies of Genius

Chaplin, Joyce E.


“Genius Must Do the Scullery Work of the World”: New Women, Feminists, and Genius, circa 1880–1920
Lucy Delap
8. The Cult of the Genius in Germany and Austria at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century
Julia Barbara Köhne
9. Cultivating Genius in a

Drake, Deborah H. - The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Ethnography, e-kirja

The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Ethnography

Drake, Deborah H.


Ethnography: Exploring Methodological Nuances in Feminist Research with Men Incarcerated for Sexual Offences
Benita Moolman
12. Writing Bad: Prison Ethnography and the Problem of ‘Tone
James B. Waldram
13. Prison Ethnography at the Threshold of Race,