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Champagne, Benoît - Theoretical Chemistry in Belgium, e-kirja

Theoretical Chemistry in Belgium

Champagne, Benoît


Benoît Champagne, Michael S. Deleuze, Frank Proft, Tom Leyssens
2. Is there an exact potential energy surface?
Brian Sutcliffe
3. Self-consistent methods constrained to a fixed number of particles in a given fragment and its relation to the

Kirtman, Bernard - Frontiers of Quantum Chemistry, e-kirja

Frontiers of Quantum Chemistry

Kirtman, Bernard


Quantum Chemical Methods for Predicting and Interpreting Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties: From Small to Extended π-Conjugated Molecules
Benoît Champagne, Pierre Beaujean, Marc Wergifosse, Marcelo Hidalgo Cardenuto, Vincent Liégeois, Frédéric Castet

Ross, Ronald G. - Cryocoolers 13, e-kirja

Cryocoolers 13

Ross, Ronald G.


Champagne, E. Roth, B. Evtimov, R. Clappier, T. Nast, T. Renna, B. Martin
5. Status of Pulse Tube Cryocooler Development at Sunpower
K. B. Wilson, D. R. Gedeon
6. Development of a Small-Scale Collins-Type 10 K Cryocooler for Space Applications
C. L.

Valle, Susan Del - Peptides for Youth, e-kirja

Peptides for Youth

Valle, Susan Del


Champagne, F. Galaud, N. Fortin, D. Fortin, V. Plourde, M. Ramaseshan, S. Bhat, F. Bilodeau, D. Lonergan, R. Lan, S. Li, G. Berthiaume, L. Foucher, X. Peng, Y. Dory, P. Deslongchamps
8. Development of an Efficient Solid-Phase Synthetic Methodology to Construct a