Haku "Richmond"

Kivell, Tracy L. - The Evolution of the Primate Hand, e-kirja

The Evolution of the Primate Hand

Kivell, Tracy L.


Richmond, Daniel Schmitt
2. On Primitiveness, Prehensility, and Opposability of the Primate Hand: The Contributions of Frederic Wood Jones and John Russell Napier
Pierre Lemelin, Daniel Schmitt
Part I. Anatomical and Developmental Evidence
3. The Primate

Ausloos, Marcel - The Logistic Map and the Route to Chaos, e-kirja

The Logistic Map and the Route to Chaos

Ausloos, Marcel


Agent Based Approaches to Income Distributions and the Impact of Memory
Przemyslaw Repetowicz, Peter Richmond, Stefan Hutzler, Eimear Ni Dhuinn
Part IV. Condensed Matter
16. Agglomeration/Aggregation and Chaotic Behaviour in d-Dimensional Spatio-Temporal

Buizer, James - The US National Climate Assessment, e-kirja

The US National Climate Assessment

Buizer, James


Richmond, Sharon L. Hays, Christopher B. Field
4. Engagement in the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment: commitment, capacity, and communication for impact
Emily Cloyd, Susanne C. Moser, Edward Maibach, Julie Maldonado, Tinqiao Chen, Aliana Britson

Dubinsky, Zvy - Coral Reefs: An Ecosystem in Transition, e-kirja

Coral Reefs: An Ecosystem in Transition

Dubinsky, Zvy


Table of contents
1. Coral Research: Past Efforts and Future Horizons
Robert H. Richmond, Eric Wolanski
2. The Paleoecology of Coral Reefs
John M. Pandolfi
3. Remote Sensing of Coral Reef Processes
Eric J. Hochberg
4. Coral Taxonomy and Evolution
John (Charlie) E. N. Veron
5. The Coral Triangle