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Abdul-Rahman, Alias - Innovations in 3D Geo Information Systems, e-kirja

Innovations in 3D Geo Information Systems

Abdul-Rahman, Alias


On The Road To 3D Geographic Systems: Important Aspects of Global Model-Mapping Technology
Jan Kolář
17. Cristage: A 3D GIS with A Logical Crystallographic Layer To Enable Complex Analyses
B. Poupeau, O. Bonin
18. The Democratizing Potential of Geographic

Meng, Liqiu - Map-based Mobile Services, e-kirja

Map-based Mobile Services

Meng, Liqiu


Table of contents
1. The State of the Art of Map-Based Mobile Services
Liqiu MENG
2. Decluttering of Icons Based on Aggregation in Mobile Maps
Stefano Burigat, Luca Chittaro
3. User-Centered Design of Landmark Visualizations

Falmagne, Jean-Claude - Learning Spaces, e-kirja

Learning Spaces

Falmagne, Jean-Claude


Table of contents
1. Overview and Basic Mathematical Concepts
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
2. Knowledge Structures and Learning Spaces
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
3. Knowledge Spaces
Jean-Claude Falmagne,…

Kriz, Karel - Understanding Different Geographies, e-kirja

Understanding Different Geographies

Kriz, Karel


Potential Information Gains for Exhibition Makers and Their Audience by Mapping the Movement of Objects: The Example of Material Culture of the Byzantine Empire
Sarah Teetor
10. Uncertain Decisions and Continuous Spaces: Outcomes Spaces and Uncertainty Visualization

Shen, Zhenjiang - Geospatial Techniques in Urban Planning, e-kirja

Geospatial Techniques in Urban Planning

Shen, Zhenjiang


Planning in Complex Spatial and Temporal Systems: A Simulation Framework
Shih-Kung Lai, Haoying Han
5. Reaching Consensus Among Stakeholders on Planned Urban Form Using Constrained CA
Ying Long, Zhenjiang Shen
6. An Agent-Based Approach to Support Decision-Making

Gartner, Georg - Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe

Gartner, Georg


Interactive and Multimedia Atlas Information Systems as a Cartographic Geo-Communication Platform
Mirjanka Lechthaler
25. Integration of Hightech Components for Operating Ragweed Mapping and Control System in Hungary Using