Haku "Law Enforcement"

Kitagawa, Hideki - Environmental Policy and Governance in China, e-kirja

Environmental Policy and Governance in China

Kitagawa, Hideki


Evolution of Environmental Thought and Enforcement of Environmental Protection Legislation in China: The Status Quo
Jin Wang
3. Land Contamination Legislation in China: The Emerging Challenges
Xiaobo Zhao
4. Environmental Management System in China:

Nurse, Angus - Policing Wildlife, e-kirja

Policing Wildlife

Nurse, Angus


National Wildlife Legislation and Law Enforcement Policies
Angus Nurse
5. Theoretical Perspectives on Wildlife Law Enforcement
Angus Nurse
6. Wildlife Offenders
Angus Nurse
7. Issues in Policing Wildlife

Laybourn, Keith - The Battle for the Roads of Britain, e-kirja

The Battle for the Roads of Britain

Laybourn, Keith


‘An Unwanted but Necessary Task’: Traffic Policing and the Enforcement of the Law, c.1900–1939
Keith Laybourn, David Taylor
4. Policing the New Age of Mass Motoring c.1940s–1970: Motor Patrolling, to Q Cars, Z Cars

Ruffell, Alastair - Geoforensics, e-kirja


Ruffell, Alastair


This book describes the wider application of many different geoscience-based methods in assisting law enforcers with investigations such as international and national crimes of genocide and pollution, terrorism and domestic crime as well as accident

Byrd, Jason - Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide, e-kirja

Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide

Byrd, Jason

Alk. 69,65€

It can be used as a practical guide for students taking forensic science courses, law enforcement training, legal courses, and as a template for plant collection at any scene where plants occur and where rules or laws

Chainey, Spencer - GIS and Crime Mapping, e-kirja

GIS and Crime Mapping

Chainey, Spencer

Alk. 67,75€

This book is essential reading for crime analysts and other professionals working in intelligence roles in law enforcement or crime reduction, at the local, regional and national government levels.  It is also an excellent reference

Harsanto, Puji - ICoSI 2014, e-kirja

ICoSI 2014

Harsanto, Puji


Optimization of Law Enforcement on Reclamation Process in Indonesia
Yordan Gunawan, Andika Putra, Mohammad Hazyar Arumbinang
21. Planning Livable Community with Social Systems Approaches: Medan, Indonesia
Dwira Nirfalini