Haku "Education"

Dewar, Jacqueline - Mathematics Education, e-kirja

Mathematics Education

Dewar, Jacqueline


Communication, Culture, and Work in Mathematics Education in Departments of Mathematical Sciences
Shandy Hauk, Allison F. Toney
3. Valuing and Supporting Work in Mathematics Education: An Administrative Perspective

Costa, Rui - Food Ethics Education, e-kirja

Food Ethics Education

Costa, Rui


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Teaching Food Ethics
Rui Costa
2. With a Little Help from Bioethics
Adelino M. Moreira dos Santos
Part II. Food Ethics Issues
3. Sustainability and Ethics Along the Food Supply Chain

Naseem, M. Ayaz - Education and Gendered Citizenship in Pakistan, e-kirja

Education and Gendered Citizenship in Pakistan

Naseem, M. Ayaz


The Education System and Educational Policy Discourse in Pakistan
M. Ayaz Naseem
4. Women and the State in Pakistan: A History of the Present
M. Ayaz Naseem
5. Subject Positioning and Subjectivity Constitution in Pakistan
M. Ayaz Naseem
6. Educational

Bigalke, Terance W. - Higher Education in Asia/Pacific, e-kirja

Higher Education in Asia/Pacific

Bigalke, Terance W.


The Growing Importance of the Privateness in Education: Challenges for Higher Education Governance in China
Ka Ho Mok
3. Redefining Public and Private in Asia Pacific Higher Education
Molly Lee, Deane E. Neubauer

Bartlett, Lesley - Critical Approaches to Comparative Education, e-kirja

Critical Approaches to Comparative Education

Bartlett, Lesley


The Décalage and Bricolage of Higher Education Policymaking in an Inter/National System
Rosemary Max
4. AIDS and Edutainment
Tonya Muro Phillips
Part 2. Exploring Participation in Inter/National Development Discourse
5. Questioning Participation

Frank, Andrea I. - Urban Planning Education, e-kirja

Urban Planning Education

Frank, Andrea I.


Six Decades of Planning Education in China: Those Planned and Unplanned
Li Hou
7. Tertiary Education and Postwar Reconstruction: The First Australian Planning Programs
Robert Freestone, Christine Garnaut, David Nichols

Levy, Daniel C. - Private Higher Education in Post-Communist Europe, e-kirja

Private Higher Education in Post-Communist Europe

Levy, Daniel C.


Introduction Private Higher Education in Post-Communist Europe: In Search of Legitimacy
Snejana Slantcheva, Daniel C. Levy
Part I. Regional Perspectives
2. The Long Quest for Legitimacy: An Extended Gaze from Europe’s Western Parts
Guy Neave