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Barone, Pier Matteo - Geoscientists at Crime Scenes, e-kirja

Geoscientists at Crime Scenes

Barone, Pier Matteo


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Forensic Geoscience
Pier Matteo Barone, Rosa Maria Maggio
2. Geological Materials on the Crime Scene
Rosa Maria Maggio
3. Pedology Applied to Forensics
Rosa Maria Maggio
4. Forensic Analysis of Soils and Geological Materials
Rosa Maria Maggio
5. Remote Sensing

Goodwin, William - An Introduction to Forensic Genetics, e-kirja

An Introduction to Forensic Genetics

Goodwin, William


With information on the full process of DNA evidence from collection at the scene of a crime to presentation in a legal context this book provides a complete overview of the field.
Key Features: Greater in-depth coverage

Dirkmaat, Dennis - A Companion to Forensic Anthropology, e-kirja

A Companion to Forensic Anthropology

Dirkmaat, Dennis


Evaluates the goals and methods of forensic archaeology, including the preservation of context at surface-scattered remains, buried bodies and fatal fire scenes, and recovery and identification issues related to large-scale mass disaster scenes

Kobilinsky, Lawrence - Forensic Chemistry Handbook, e-kirja

Forensic Chemistry Handbook

Kobilinsky, Lawrence


For those readers who want to understand the mechanisms of reactions used in laboratories to piece together crime scenes—and to fully grasp the chemistry behind it—this book is a must-have.

Ruffell, Alastair - Geoforensics, e-kirja


Ruffell, Alastair


This book describes the wider application of many different geoscience-based methods in assisting law enforcers with investigations such as international and national crimes of genocide and pollution, terrorism and domestic crime

Byrd, Jason - Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide, e-kirja

Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide

Byrd, Jason

Alk. 69,65€

These collections are necessary to link or exclude evidence to or from a scene. Various methods that allow easy collection, transportation, and preservation of evidence are detailed throughout the book.
This book is written for those who have no formal background

Rapley, Ralph - Molecular Forensics, e-kirja

Molecular Forensics

Rapley, Ralph


Starting with a broad introduction of modern forensic molecular technologies, the text covers key issues from the initial scenes of crime sampling to the use of evidential material in the prosecution of legal cases. The book also

Brodie, David - Ice, Rock, and Beauty, e-kirja

Ice, Rock, and Beauty

Brodie, David


Table of contents
1. The Wonder Just Goes On and On
2. Within Ourselves
3. That's You, Right in the Middle
4. Not Quite a Bee's Eye View
5. The Namer and the Named
6. The Truth but not the Whole Truth
7. What Happened Next
8. Up and Down
9. What It's Good At
10. Third Rock and a Bit
11. A Fabulous