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Laszlo, Pierre - Communicating Science, e-kirja

Communicating Science

Laszlo, Pierre


Table of contents
Part I. Addressing Peers
1. Guidelines
2. Genres
Part II. The General Public
3. Guidelines
4. Genres
Part III. Decision Makers
5. Genres

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Godemann, Jasmin - Sustainability Communication, e-kirja

Sustainability Communication

Godemann, Jasmin


Table of contents
1. Sustainability Communication – An Introduction
Jasmin Godemann, Gerd Michelsen
2. Strong Sustainability as a Frame for Sustainability Communication
Konrad Ott, Barbara Muraca, Christian Baatz
3. Sustainability Communication: An Integrative Approach
Maik Adomßent, Jasmin Godemann

Jurin, Richard R. - Environmental Communication. Second Edition, e-kirja

Environmental Communication. Second Edition

Jurin, Richard R.


Table of contents
1. Understanding the World Around Us
Richard R. Jurin, Donny Roush, Jeff Danter
2. Communicating About the Environment
Richard R. Jurin, Donny Roush, Jeff Danter
3. Developing Your Environmental Literacy
Richard R. Jurin, Donny Roush, Jeff Danter
4. Investigating Environmental Issues

Schaathun, Hans Georg - Machine Learning in Image Steganalysis, e-kirja

Machine Learning in Image Steganalysis

Schaathun, Hans Georg

Alk. 100,10€

Steganography is the art of communicating a secret message, hiding the very existence of a secret message. This book is an introduction to steganalysis as part of the wider trend of multimedia forensics, as well as a practical tutorial on machine learning in this context. It looks at a wide

Dawson, Brian - Communication Skills for Biosciences, e-kirja

Communication Skills for Biosciences

Dawson, Brian

Alk. 28,80€

This book will provide the student with practical advice on how best to communicate scientific material to different audiences including their peers, their tutors and to non-scientists.
Key Features: Highly accessible, confidence-building, student-friendly guide

Isomäki, Risto - CETI Revisited, e-kirja

CETI Revisited

Isomäki, Risto


CETI Revisited investigates the old idea of communicating with extraterrestrial civilizations from a number of new angles. It proposes a new and affordable strategy for humanity's interstellar and intergalactic communication efforts. Most of our energy will soon come from the Sun. Large

Woods, Austin - Medium-Range Weather Prediction, e-kirja

Medium-Range Weather Prediction

Woods, Austin


Table of contents
1. The first Director
2. The beginnings — the political background
3. Meteorological developments 1967 to 1971
4. The Project Study
5. The Convention
6. In the United Kingdom
7. 1794 to 1980: The Formative Years
8. The Analysis System — OI to 4D-Var
9. The Medium-Range Model