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Melo, Cristina Joanaz de - Environmental History in the Making, e-kirja

Environmental History in the Making

Melo, Cristina Joanaz de


Agriculture and Livestock in Wetlands in the Bogota Plateau (Colombia), Eighteenth Century. Land Use and Wetland Management
Katherinne Giselle Mora Pacheco
2. Modern Urban Development and Revolution in Mexico: Hydraulic Infrastructure in Chihuahua City During

Margottini, Claudio - Landslide Science and Practice, e-kirja

Landslide Science and Practice

Margottini, Claudio


Table of contents
Part I. Landslide Scenarios Accounting for Climatic, Geomorphological and Geotechnical Contexts
1. Rock Glacier Degradation and Instabilities in the European Alps: A Characterisation and Monitoring Experiment in the Turtmanntal, CH
Sarah M. Springman, Yuko Yamamoto, Thomas Buchli, Marian Hertrich,