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Bernstein, Jeremy - Secrets of the Old One, e-kirja

Secrets of the Old One

Bernstein, Jeremy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Einstein’s Miracle Year
2. The Prehistory
3. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
4. Do Atoms Exist?
5. The Quantum
6. Epilogue: Afterword

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Akasofu, Syun-Ichi - Exploring the Secrets of the Aurora, e-kirja

Exploring the Secrets of the Aurora

Akasofu, Syun-Ichi


Table of contents
1. Search for the Unknown Quantity in the Solar Wind
Syun-Ichi Akasofu
2. Confronting Paradigms: Aurora Research During the Early Space Age
Syun-Ichi Akasofu
3. Realizing the Dream of Our Pioneers: Polar Magnetic Substorms…

Schaathun, Hans Georg - Machine Learning in Image Steganalysis, e-kirja

Machine Learning in Image Steganalysis

Schaathun, Hans Georg

Alk. 100,10€

Steganography is the art of communicating a secret message, hiding the very existence of a secret message. This book is an introduction to steganalysis as part of the wider trend of multimedia forensics, as well as a practical tutorial on machine learning

Ahlswede, Rudolf - Hiding Data - Selected Topics, e-kirja

Hiding Data - Selected Topics

Ahlswede, Rudolf


Table of contents
1. A Short Course on Cryptography
Rudolf Ahlswede
2. Authentication and Secret-Key Cryptology
Rudolf Ahlswede
3. The Mathematical Background of the Advanced Encryption Standard
Rudolf Ahlswede
4. Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
Rudolf Ahlswede
5. Founding Cryptography on Oblivious

Kuro-o, Makoto - Endocrine FGFs and Klothos, e-kirja

Endocrine FGFs and Klothos

Kuro-o, Makoto


Table of contents
1. The Structural Biology of the FGF19 Subfamily
Andrew Beenken, Moosa Mohammadi
2. Klotho and βKlotho
Makoto Kuro-o
3. FGF23 and Syndromes of Abnormal Renal Phosphate Handling
Clemens Bergwitz, Harald Jüppner
4. Evidence for FGF23 Involvement in a Bone-Kidney Axis Regulating Bone

Struck, Curtis - Galaxy Collisions, e-kirja

Galaxy Collisions

Struck, Curtis


The secret of fire: triggered star formation
Curtis Struck
7. Not Always in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Curtis Struck
8. A Wider View
Curtis Struck
9. Epilogue: the galacto-biology of collisions
Curtis Struck