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Horne, Robert - The Expert Witness in Construction, e-kirja

The Expert Witness in Construction

Horne, Robert


The role of the expert witness has long been important in the resolution of construction disputes. The specialist opinion brought by the expert can aid understanding and interpretation of the facts of the dispute, and may be influential in deciding the

Evans, Martin - Geomorphology of Upland Peat: Erosion, Form and Landscape Change, e-kirja

Geomorphology of Upland Peat: Erosion, Form and Landscape Change

Evans, Martin


The Geomorphology of Upland Peat offers a detailed synthesis of existing literature on peat erosion, incorporating new research ideas and data from two leading experts in the field.

Presents the most detailed and current work to date
Written in a style that is both intelligent and accessible

Becnel, James J. - Microsporidia: Pathogens of Opportunity, e-kirja

Microsporidia: Pathogens of Opportunity

Becnel, James J.


Written by leading experts in the field, the book combines background and basic information on microsporidia with descriptive methods and resources for working with the pathogen.
Newly revised and updated for its second edition, Microsporidia will continue to be

Holmes, Raquell M. - A Cell Biologist's Guide to Modeling and Bioinformatics, e-kirja

A Cell Biologist's Guide to Modeling and Bioinformatics

Holmes, Raquell M.


A step-by-step guide to using computational tools to solve problems in cell biology

Combining expert discussion with examples that can be reproduced by the reader, this text introduces an array of informatics tools that are available for analyzing biological data and modeling cellular