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Cassano, John J. - Applied Atmospheric Dynamics, e-kirja

Applied Atmospheric Dynamics

Cassano, John J.


The accompanying supplementary CD-ROM features colour graphics, maps, databases, animations, project materials, as well as weather data tips. Covers the standard theoretical principles of atmospheric dynamics and applies the theory to global real world examples Assumes

McLachlan, Geoffrey - Finite Mixture Models, e-kirja

Finite Mixture Models

McLachlan, Geoffrey


Major issues discussed in this book include identifiability problems, actual fitting of finite mixtures through use of the EM algorithm, properties of the maximum likelihood estimators so obtained, assessment of the number of components to be used in the mixture, and the applicability of asymptotic

Müller, Bernhard - Towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda, e-kirja

Towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda

Müller, Bernhard


The Transition Towards Sustainable and Resilient Cities—Urban Challenges and Solutions in Germany and Japan
Bernhard Müller, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Andreas Otto
Part I. Landscape Change and Management
2. Dialectic Developments of ‘City’ and ‘Country’

Fendel, Elfriede M. - Geo-information for Disaster Management, e-kirja

Geo-information for Disaster Management

Fendel, Elfriede M.


Step by Step Constitution of an Emergency Management Based Object Model and Database System on Linux for the I.T.U. Campus D.I.S.
Himmet Karaman, Muhammed ?ahin
43. Development of a Web-Based GIS Using SDI for Disaster Management
Ali Mansourian, Abbas

Lühr, Hermann - Earth Observation with CHAMP, e-kirja

Earth Observation with CHAMP

Lühr, Hermann


CHAMP Gravity Field Solutions and Geophysical Constraint Studies
Shin-Chan Han, C.K. Shum, Christopher Jekeli, Alexander Braun, Yiqun Chen, Chung-Yen Kuo
18. Application of Eigenvalue Decomposition in the Parallel Computation of a CHAMP 100x100 Gravity Field

Durán, Juan José - Mathematics of Planet Earth, e-kirja

Mathematics of Planet Earth

Durán, Juan José


Estimation of Information Loss When Masking Conditional Dependence and Categorizing Continuous Data: Further Experiments on a Database for Spatial Prediction Modelling in Northern Italy
Andrea G. Fabbri, Simone Poli, Antonio Patera, Angelo Cavallin, Chang-Jo Chung