Haku "Institutional"

Arts, Bas - Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance, e-kirja

Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance

Arts, Bas


The Institutional Dynamics of Water Management in the Low Countries
Mark Wiering, Ann Crabbé
6. High Noon in the Low Countries: Recent Nature Policy Dynamics in the Netherlands and in Flanders
Dirk Bogaert, Jaap Gersie
7. Dynamics in Nature Policy

Makino, Mitsutaku - Fisheries Management in Japan, e-kirja

Fisheries Management in Japan

Makino, Mitsutaku


A Brief Institutional History of Japanese Fisheries Management
Mitsutaku Makino
3. Japanese Fisheries Today
Mitsutaku Makino
4. Fisheries Management in Coastal Areas
Mitsutaku Makino
5. Fisheries Management in Offshore Areas
Mitsutaku Makino

Knoepfel, Peter - Environmental Policy Analyses, e-kirja

Environmental Policy Analyses

Knoepfel, Peter


New Institutional Arrangements for a New Generation of Environmental Policy Instruments: Intra- and Interpolicy Co-operation (1995)
Peter Knoepfel
7. Regulatory Change and Institutional Rearrangement: Building New Policy

Harrison, Neil E. - Climate Innovation, e-kirja

Climate Innovation

Harrison, Neil E.


The Role of Corporate Scientists and Institutional Context: Corporate Responses to Climate Change in the Automobile Industry
David Levy, Sandra Rothenberg
6. Corporate Investment in Climate Innovation
Neil E. Harrison, John Mikler
7. US Labour Unions

Cumming, Douglas - Sustainable Entrepreneurship in China, e-kirja

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in China

Cumming, Douglas


The Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor System and Corporate Governance in China
Lerong He
6. Accounting Performance Inflated by Private Equity before IPOs: Evidence from Chinese Firms
Hong Bo, Boying Xu
7. The Split-Share-Structure Reform in China: