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Akçam, Taner - Killing Orders, e-kirja

Killing Orders

Akçam, Taner


Even If the Memoirs Are Authentic, Could the Documents Still Be Forgeries?
Taner Akçam
5. Subjects and Events Mentioned by Naim Efendi Corroborated in Ottoman Documents
Taner Akçam
6. Appendix A
Taner Akçam
7. Appendix B: Dr. Avedis Nakkashian’s

Rogelja, Nataša - Fish on the Move, e-kirja

Fish on the Move

Rogelja, Nataša


How Authentic Is Fishing Tourism in Slovenia?
Nataša Rogelja, Alenka Janko Spreizer
Part IV. Management: Sustainable Development, Projects and Common Fisheries Policy
8. Walk Along the Protected Areas and Navigation with Sustainable Fishermen