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Blanke, Herm.-Josef - Governing Europe under a Constitution, e-kirja

Governing Europe under a Constitution

Blanke, Herm.-Josef


Fundamental Rights in Central and Eastern Europe: A Basic Analysis
Rainer Arnold
17. Protection of Fundamental Rights afforded by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg
Hermann-Josef Blanke
18. The legal relationship

Alayan, Samira - Multiple Alterities, e-kirja

Multiple Alterities

Alayan, Samira


When Europe Meets the Middle East: Constructing Collective Identities in Social Studies Textbooks for a Globalising World
Falk Pingel
3. Palestine: The Unseen Conflict over the Hidden Curriculum
Nathan J. Brown
4. Zionism as the Other in Curricula and

Czarnota, Adam - Spreading Democracy and the Rule of Law?, e-kirja

Spreading Democracy and the Rule of Law?

Czarnota, Adam


The Eastern EU Enlargement and the Janus-headed Nature of the Constitutional Treaty
Vittorio Olgiati
4. A Problem of their Own, Solutions of their Own: CEE Jurisdictions and the Problems of Lustration and Retroactivity
David Robertson
5. Citizens and

Ennals, Richard - From Slavery to Citizenship, e-kirja

From Slavery to Citizenship

Ennals, Richard


There are contributions from Africa, North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, and from discourses in work organisation, occupational health, psychiatry and human rights, as well as education.