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Ferrari, Michel - The Scientific Study of Personal Wisdom, e-kirja

The Scientific Study of Personal Wisdom

Ferrari, Michel


The Need to Distinguish Personal from General Wisdom: A Short History and Empirical Evidence
Ursula M. Staudinger
2. Relevance, Meaning and the Cognitive Science of Wisdom
John Vervaeke, Leonardo Ferraro
3. Personal Wisdom in the Balance

Woods, Geraldine - College Admission Essays For Dummies, e-kirja

College Admission Essays For Dummies

Woods, Geraldine


Step by step, it walks you through the entire essay-writing process, offering priceless tips on how to:Choose the best topic, tone, and structure for your essayCapture the crucial stories that reveal who you areAvoid common pitfalls that can sabotage your applicationOvercome

Alexander, Jeffrey C. - Obama Power, e-kirja

Obama Power

Alexander, Jeffrey C.


What is the source of Obama's power? How is it that, after suffering a humiliating defeat in the 2010 mid-term elections, Obama was able to turn the situation around, deftly outmaneuvering his opponent and achieving a decisive victory in the November 2012 presidential election?
In this short