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Pinar, William F. - The Character of Curriculum Studies, e-kirja

The Character of Curriculum Studies

Pinar, William F.


Multiculturalism, Nationality, Cosmopolitanism
William F. Pinar
Part II. The Subject of School and Society
5. Bildung in Society and History
William F. Pinar
6. “Molds” and “Spirit” in the Eight-Year Study
William F. Pinar
Part III.

Panayides, P.M. - Shipping Operations Management, e-kirja

Shipping Operations Management

Panayides, P.M.


The Relationship Between Nationality of Ships, “Genuine Link,” and Marine Insurance
George Theocharidis, Patrick Donner
11. Ocean Governance and Sustainability
Lawrence P. Hildebrand, Neil A. Bellefontaine

Duval, Antoine - The Legacy of Bosman, e-kirja

The Legacy of Bosman

Duval, Antoine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Antoine Duval, Ben Rompuy
2. He Was not Alone: Bosman in Context
Borja García
3. Bosman: A Legacy Beyond Sports
Mattias Derlén, Johan Lindholm
4. Nationality Based Playing Quotas and the International Transfer System Post-Bosman
Simon Gardiner, Roger Welch

Joppke, Christian - Citizenship and Immigration, e-kirja

Citizenship and Immigration

Joppke, Christian


Topics covered in the book include: recent trends in nationality laws; what ethnic diversity does to the welfare state; the decline of multiculturalism accompanied by the continuing rise of antidiscrimination policies; and the new state campaigns to “upgrade”

Capone, Francesca - Foreign Fighters under International Law and Beyond, e-kirja

Foreign Fighters under International Law and Beyond

Capone, Francesca


The Obligations under International Law of the Foreign Fighter’s State of Nationality or Habitual Residence, State of Transit and State of Destination
Sandra Krähenmann
14. The Role Played by the UN in Countering the Phenomenon of Foreign Terrorist Fighters

Weatherill, Stephen - European Sports Law, e-kirja

European Sports Law

Weatherill, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephen Weatherill
2. Discrimination on Grounds of Nationality in Sport
Stephen Weatherill
3. European Football Law
Stephen Weatherill
4. Annotation [Bosman Case]
Stephen Weatherill
5. 0033149875354: Fining the Organisers of the 1998 Football World Cup

Llurda, Enric - Non-Native Language Teachers, e-kirja

Non-Native Language Teachers

Llurda, Enric


‘Personality Not Nationality’: Foreign Students’ Perceptions of a Non-Native Speaker Lecturer of English at a British University
Dorota Pacek
Part V.NNS Teachers’ Self-Perceptions
14. Mind the Gap: Self and Perceived Native Speaker Identities of