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Cress, Ulrike - The Psychology of Digital Learning, e-kirja

The Psychology of Digital Learning

Cress, Ulrike


The Physiology of Numerical Learning: From Neural Correlates to Embodied Trainings
Ursula Fischer, Elise Klein, Tanja Dackermann, Korbinian Moeller
3. Digital Pictures, Videos, and Beyond: Knowledge Acquisition with Realistic Images
Stephan Schwan

Alias, Nor Aziah - Envisioning the Future of Online Learning, e-kirja

Envisioning the Future of Online Learning

Alias, Nor Aziah


Employing Websites in Language Learning for Tourism Purpose Among Arabic Learners at the MARA Poly-Tech College (KPTM)
Mohammad Taufiq Abdul Ghani, Wan Ab Aziz Wan Daud, Muhammad Sabri Sahrir
4. The Nature of Student Group Online Interactions in Learning ICT