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Burns, James P. - Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment, e-kirja

Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment

Burns, James P.


Table of contents
1. Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment
James P. Burns
2. Governmentality, Biopolitics, and Curriculum Theorizing
James P. Burns
3. The Past in the Present: The Historic Reach of the “Tyler Rationale”
James P. Burns
4. Reflections on Heteropatriarchal Violence: A Proleptic Narrative?

Kalin, Nadine M. - The Neoliberalization of Creativity Education, e-kirja

The Neoliberalization of Creativity Education

Kalin, Nadine M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nadine M. Kalin
2. Educating the Artrepreneur
Nadine M. Kalin
3. Governmentality and Post-Fordist Art Education
Nadine M. Kalin
4. Radical Critique’s Challenge to Art Education
Nadine M. Kalin
5. Civic Literacy and Art Education: Resisting an Interpassive

Cohen, Claire - Male Rape is a Feminist Issue, e-kirja

Male Rape is a Feminist Issue

Cohen, Claire


Introduction — Feminism, Governmentality and ‘Male’ Rape
Claire Cohen
2. Problematization — A Critical Ontology of the Present
Claire Cohen
3. Investigation — A Foucauldian Triangulation?
Claire Cohen
Part II. Triangulation Chapters

Rao, Nirmala - Early Childhood Education in Chinese Societies, e-kirja

Early Childhood Education in Chinese Societies

Rao, Nirmala


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nirmala Rao, Jin Sun
Part I. Understanding Early Childhood Education in Chinese Societies
2. Growing Up in Chinese Families and Societies
Jin Sun, Nirmala Rao
3. Chinese Culture in Early Educational Environments
Grace Choy
Part II. Early Childhood Education in the

Benade, Leon - Transforming Education, e-kirja

Transforming Education

Benade, Leon


Transformation 2: The Governmentality of Education
6. Selling New Learning Spaces: Flexibly Anything for the Twenty-First Century
Adam Wood
7. MLE as Non-place
Andrew Thompson
8. From Progressivism to Instrumentalism: Innovative Learning Environments

Billett, Stephen - Work, Subjectivity and Learning, e-kirja

Work, Subjectivity and Learning

Billett, Stephen


Action at a Distance: Governmentality, Subjectivity and Workplace Learning
Richard Edwards, Katherine Nicoll
12. Integrating Life, Work and Identity: Farm Women Transforming ‘Self’ through Personal Struggle and Conflict
Jan Allan
13. Work, Subjectivity,