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Wilgus, Gay - Knowledge, Pedagogy, and Postmulticulturalism, e-kirja

Knowledge, Pedagogy, and Postmulticulturalism

Wilgus, Gay


Incorporating Teacher Candidates’ Prior Beliefs and Funds of Knowledge in Theories of Child Development
Amita Gupta
7. Prioritizing the Social in Academic Writing
Gay Wilgus
8. Special Education Teacher Preparation
Linda Ware
9. Postmulticulturalism

Panara, Carlo - The Role of the Regions in the EU Governance, e-kirja

The Role of the Regions in the EU Governance

Panara, Carlo


Chapter 4 The Role and Function of Structural and Cohesion Funds and the Interaction of the EU Regional Policy with the Internal Market Policies
Christopher Bovis
5. Chapter 5 The Committee of the Regions and the Challenge of European Governance