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Lipton, Briony - We Only Talk Feminist Here, e-kirja

We Only Talk Feminist Here

Lipton, Briony


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Framing Feminist Talk
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
2. Writing as Speaking
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
3. Concepts of Voice and Feminism
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
4. Speaking into the Silence
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
5. A Final

Pressland, Amy - Being an Early Career Feminist Academic, e-kirja

Being an Early Career Feminist Academic

Pressland, Amy


Introduction: Being an Early Career Feminist Academic in a Changing Academy
Rachel Thwaites, Amy Pressland
Part I. Introducing the Early Career Experience
2. A Precarious Passion: Gendered and Age-Based Insecurity Among Aspiring Academics in Australia

Ginsberg, Alice E. - The Evolution of American Women’s Studies, e-kirja

The Evolution of American Women’s Studies

Ginsberg, Alice E.


Triumphs, Controversies, and Change: Women’s Studies 1970s to the Twenty-First Century
Alice E. Ginsberg
Part Two. Reflections
3. A Personal and Epistemological Journey toward Women’s Studies
Margaret Smith Crocco
4. Gender at the Center: The

Allen, Katherine R. - Family Theories: Foundations and Applications, e-kirja

Family Theories: Foundations and Applications

Allen, Katherine R.


Integrates classic and contemporary writings on family theories Features compelling case studies drawn from the authors’ experiences working with thousands of students Represents an integrative use of theory, research, and practice Utilizes the metaphor of “developing

Alexander, Kate - Feminism(s) in Early Childhood, e-kirja

Feminism(s) in Early Childhood

Alexander, Kate


Celebrating Pioneering and Contemporary Feminist Approaches to Studying Gender in Early Childhood
Jayne Osgood, Kerry H. Robinson
5. Black Feminist Thought in Early Childhood Studies: