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Hamuľák, Ondrej - National Sovereignty in the European Union, e-kirja

National Sovereignty in the European Union

Hamuľák, Ondrej


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ondrej Hamuľák
2. Constitutionalism Beyond the State
Ondrej Hamuľák
3. Shared Entitlement to Legitimate Violence in the EU and Its Theoretical Outcomes
Ondrej Hamuľák
4. Sovereignty Vis-á-Vis Moloch of European Integration
Ondrej Hamuľák
5. Practical

Lak, Martijn - Governance and Security Issues of the European Union, e-kirja

Governance and Security Issues of the European Union

Lak, Martijn


The Early Years of European Integration—German and Dutch Reactions to the Schuman Plan
Martijn Lak
3. Schuman in Times of Upheaval
Margriet Krijtenburg
4. Better Regulation in the EU—A Process and Debate at the Core of Regional Integration

Curaj, Adrian - The European Higher Education Area, e-kirja

The European Higher Education Area

Curaj, Adrian


Seeking Excellence, Practicing Rankings, and Aiming at Diversification of Higher Education Institutions’ Mission in the European Higher Education Area [Overview Paper]
Jan Sadlak
17. Excellence-Driven Policies and Initiatives in the Context of Bologna Process:

O'Halloran, Kerry - The Politics of Adoption, e-kirja

The Politics of Adoption

O'Halloran, Kerry


Adoption, the Conventions and the Impact of the European Court of Human Rights
6. Intercountry Adoption and the Hague Convention
7. The Adoption Process in England & Wales
8. The Adoption Process in Ireland
9. The Adoption Process in the U.S.