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Shagrir, Leah - Journey to Ethnographic Research, e-kirja

Journey to Ethnographic Research

Shagrir, Leah


Table of contents
1. Background: The Story of a Journey to Research
Leah Shagrir
2. The Ethnographic Research
Leah Shagrir
3. Multiple Voices of Ethnographic Researcher
Leah Shagrir
4. Summary, Insights, and After the Journey…

Wolfe, Juliette - Parents of Children with Autism, e-kirja

Parents of Children with Autism

Wolfe, Juliette


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Going to Holland Together
Juliette Wolfe
2. Anthropologizing Experiences of Autism
Juliette Wolfe
3. Meet the Parents
Juliette Wolfe
4. Recharting Territories, Redefining Roles: The Issue of…

Davis, Carla P. - Girls and Juvenile Justice, e-kirja

Girls and Juvenile Justice

Davis, Carla P.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carla P. Davis
2. Getting into Place/Gaining Acceptance and Trust
Carla P. Davis
3. Getting Into the System: Negotiating Power and Status in the Family
Carla P. Davis
4. Horizontal Surveillance…

Gaborit, Liv S. - Human Rights in Prisons, e-kirja

Human Rights in Prisons

Gaborit, Liv S.


Table of contents
1. Introducing Human Rights in Prisons
Andrew M. Jefferson, Liv S. Gaborit
2. Encountering Ourselves: A Critically Reflexive Practice Research Project
Andrew M. Jefferson, Liv S. Gaborit
3. First Encounters: Accessing…

Magolda, Peter - Rituals and Student Identity in Education, e-kirja

Rituals and Student Identity in Education

Magolda, Peter


From Ethnography to Ritual Critique
Terry O’Connor
4. Nonrational Classroom Performance
Peter M. Magolda
5. On Seminars, Ritual, and Cowboys
Richard A. Quantz, Terry O’Connor, Peter Magolda
6. The Puzzlemasters
Richard A. Quantz, Terry