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Chang, Maiga - Challenges and Solutions in Smart Learning, e-kirja

Challenges and Solutions in Smart Learning

Chang, Maiga


Tutorial: Is Educational Research a Matter of Digital Observations and Data Balancing?
17. Open Research and Observational Study for 21st Century Learning
Vivekanandan S. Kumar, Shawn Fraser, David Boulanger
Part III. 2nd International Workshop on Technologies

Joubert, Lindy - Educating in the Arts, e-kirja

Educating in the Arts

Joubert, Lindy


Creativity and Expression in the Digital Age – Singapore and Japan
10. Information Technology, Art Education and Creativity in Singapore
Minming Cheng
11. The Power of Creation and Expression in Digital-Age Children
Nanako Ishido, Ichiya Nakamura

Fee, Samuel B. - New Directions for Computing Education, e-kirja

New Directions for Computing Education

Fee, Samuel B.


The Curricular Soundtrack: Designing Interdisciplinary Music Technology Degrees Through Cognitive Apprenticeship and Situated Learning
Daniel A. Walzer
10. An Interdisciplinary Model for Liberal Arts Computing Curricula
Amanda M. Holland-Minkley, Samuel

Burnard, Pamela - Reflective Practices in Arts Education, e-kirja

Reflective Practices in Arts Education

Burnard, Pamela


Reflective Use of Digital Technologies in the Arts
Jane Cheung, Eton Kung
11. Tools for Developing Reflective Skills
Jody L. Kerchner
Section 3. Case Studies: Reflections in and on Action
12. Reengagement through Peer Teaching Drama
Morag Morrison,

Hughes, Gwyneth - Ipsative Assessment and Personal Learning Gain, e-kirja

Ipsative Assessment and Personal Learning Gain

Hughes, Gwyneth


Use of Digital Technology to Capture and Support Student Progress Across a Taught Postgraduate Programme
Gwyneth Hughes, Denise Hawkes, Tim Neumann
7. Ipsative Learning: A Personal Approach to a Student’s PBL Experience Within an Integrated Engineering Design

Hilty, Reto M. - Remuneration of Copyright Owners, e-kirja

Remuneration of Copyright Owners

Hilty, Reto M.


One or Several Super-Rights? The (Subtle) Impact of the Digital Single Market on a Future EU Copyright Architecture
Guido Westkamp
3. Simplification of Tariff Structures
Raquel Xalabarder
4. Remaining Scopes for Collective Management of Copyright in