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Rock, Frances - Communicating Rights, e-kirja

Communicating Rights

Rock, Frances


Table of contents
Part I. Rights and Research: Orientation and Theory
1. Introduction
Frances Rock
2. Beyond Language as Transmission
Frances Rock
Part II. Writing Rights
3. Introducing Written Rights Communication

Cheng, Donghong - Communicating Science in Social Contexts, e-kirja

Communicating Science in Social Contexts

Cheng, Donghong


Table of contents
1. Revisiting Models
1. Paradigm Change for Science Communication: Commercial Science Needs a Critical Public
Martin W. Bauer
2. European Trends in Science Communication
Michel Claessens
3. Words and Figures of…

Cave, Sue - 100+ Fun Ideas for Modern Foreign Languages, e-kirja

100+ Fun Ideas for Modern Foreign Languages

Cave, Sue

Alk. 11,95€

The inherent rationale behind each activity is that it is enjoyable, interactive and allows for as many children as possible at one time to communicate. With activities ranging from 'Clap if true' and 'Draw a monster' to 'Find Mr X' and 'Puppet mind reading', you will

Jones, Eileen - 100+ Fun Ideas for a Happier Classroom, e-kirja

100+ Fun Ideas for a Happier Classroom

Jones, Eileen

Alk. 11,95€

This book is crammed with stimulating ideas to help you create and communicate the impression of a calm, happy classroom where pupils feel secure and are challenged to do their very best. Suggestions cover everything from layout of the classroom and innovative ways of controlling noise levels

Watson, Jennifer - Baby Signing For Dummies, Mini Edition, e-kirja

Baby Signing For Dummies, Mini Edition

Watson, Jennifer


Top signs your baby or toddler should know
Communicate with signing and strengthen your bond
Want to sign with your baby? This guide shows you how to use sign-language gestures to communicate with hearing infants and toddlers. Using baby-specific signing techniques, you'll see how

UNKNOWN - Dow's Fire & Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide, e-kirja

Dow's Fire & Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide



This popular safety best-seller is designed to help the user quantify the expected damage of potential fire and explosion incidents in realistic terms, identify the equipment likely to contribute to the creation or escalation of an incident, and communicate the fire and explosion risk potential